"There is no art without deviation."

Face Time Police, the genre-defying purveyors of "pop macchiato" present a blend of styles that showcase their own brand of variety with a vision. Made up of Brian and James Serra (founding members), this band of brothers defies categorization and delivers songs that are fun and catchy, yet artistic and introspective. From the frenetic “Of Man and Monster” to the jazzy hip-hop stylings of “runnersmile” to the melancholic ballad “Don’t Believe In The Moon,” Face Time Police take pride in being “the definition of deviation.”

Face Time Police draws inspiration from all over the pop culture spectrum; anime, pro-wrestling, comics, and video games have all played a part in shaping the band’s music and presentation.

Embracing an adamant DIY (do it yourself) ethic towards everything they do, the Serra brothers are responsible for all aspects of their art including: music production, graphic design, and video editing.

Email: admin@facetimepolice.com