02.14.24 - "Cupid is so dumb..."

We're making a video game! With these mini-projects, we're laying the groundwork for a full game. For Valentine's Day, we thought it was fitting to try to program and implement a boss fight. Take THAT, Cupid! ;)

More details to come! Follow us on YouTube for updates: YouTube.com/FaceTimePolice

02.01.24 - Happy anniversary to Dookie!

01.01.24 - "10, 9, 8, 8, 8..."

12.25.23 - "Merry Happy!"

We're making a video game! More details to come...

10.27.23 - "I know what it takes to move on..."

04.14.23 - "Let's go around and paint the town red and black and white..."

Our new single, "Red + Black + White" is now on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, and other streaming services!

Here's a handy URL with some direct links to some of the streaming services that "Red + Black + White" is on:


Thank you for all the love you've shown for the new song so far! Please help spread our music by sharing the new song with your friends or anyone who might enjoy it. Like everything else we do, a lot of thought went into it; it took quite a bit of work (and re-works, hehe) to get it just right.

P.S.: A guitar playthrough video is coming soon! :)

"Dear friend across the river..."

This themed acoustic cover medley includes: "Playground" by Bea Miller, "Dynasties And Dystopia" by Denzel Curry, and ???

Watch Arcane. :)

The Base Chocolate Necessary For Change

Join us as we eat some chocolate... and gold. Yup. Gold. Why? Watch the video. :)

Oh, and stick around until the end of the video for a bonus treat...

P.S.: Watch Arcane.

Let me in...

The LOTL+ song experiment which we collaborated on with Lord Of The Lost (Napalm Records) is now on streaming services! Our contribution is called "Crimson Masque." Listen to it now! Go! Go! Go!

Lord Of The Lost feat. Face Time Police - "Crimson Masque:" Click here

Right Video, Wrong Timeline

The music video for our new single, “Right Place, Wrong Timeline” is now up!

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